Guida alla natura di Capo Milazzo

with Trails and Scuba Diving sites

foreword by Enzo Maiorca

At the moment only available in Italian, this unique guide takes readers on a journey along the coast of Milazzo, following the historical route written about by Giuseppe Piaggia who sailed around the promontory 150 years ago. 

History and legend, flora and fauna, geology, trails, marine life, snorkeling and scuba diving sites, underwater archaeology, birdwatching, popular traditions and much more. 

The book includes over 400 color photos, 30 virtual 360° images, and illustrations of the sea floor.  

It has interesting information about marine biology and the nature of the cape of Milazzo in a journey around the coastline and to the main marine and terrestial sites of interest.

Lombardo Edizioni

ISBN: 9788899150204

Price: 18€