the recovery and reconstruction of the skeleton of a 10-ton Sperm whale

Siso the Sperm Whale was a young, ten metre long, male that in the summer of 2017 was caught by his flukes in an illegal fishing net off the Aeolian Islands.

Despite the intense efforts of the Coast Guards, who managed to partially liberated him from the fishing net, Siso unfortunately died, after a long and painful agony.

His body was carried by the currents to the shores of Capo Milazzo, where the young Biologist Carmelo Isgrò, under the auspices of the Museum of Fauna of the University of Messina, stripped about 10 tons of meat, from the putrid water in which the Sperm whale was half-submerged, with the purpose of recovering the bones. During this operation, he also extracted a great deal of plastic from the stomach of the cetacean, including a black gardening pot and several plastic bags.

Today, after a long process of cleaning and treatment, the skeleton of the Sperm whale has finally been mounted and exhibited to the public.